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When you buy from a reputable breeder, you are embarking on a relationship that will last the entire life of the dog and beyond. Your breeder is there to assist you with the difficult problems that can arise; they will help you with diets, training, health problems, etc. They care as much for the dog as you do.
So, you've decided you want a Bernese Mountain Dog. I am assuming you've already been honest with yourself and realize that bringing a pet into your home should be done with a great deal of care and thought. A pet should not be an impulse buy. You should research the breed that you're interested in. Find out all you can about the breed. What are its health problems? What kind of temperament does it have? Is it suitable for your lifestyle? Keep in mind you are purchasing a companion for you and your family - a living, breathing, creature that requires love, time, energy and care. Take the time to make an informed choice - you are purchasing more than a pair of shoes here. An informed buyer is a wise buyer. Shelters are full of bad decisions made by humans. Sadly, the losers are always the dogs.

A companion has the same number of legs as a show puppy. They have the same number of bones, vocal cords that work just as well, a fast licking tongue, and they shed just as much as a show dog. The differences are things like coat texture, length, and markings. A puppy may have ears set just a bit too high or a bit too low and will be classified as a companion even though they are well able to hear the rattle of the milkbone box from a mile away. An overshot or undershot jaw will not make the least bit of difference to the companion owner or to the puppy, but will make a big difference in the show ring. In short, the differences between a companion and show dog are not obvious to the untrained eye. Examples such as flaws in movement, angulation or extension of gait will never be noticed by anyone who has not studied the breed extensively. Companion quality puppies are raised exactly the same as show quality puppies. Health is as very important in the companion puppy, and they all get the same care as their show littermates. The breeder, of course, wants loving homes for all puppies in the litter. The dog show is a breeder's advertising showcase, so of course they want to show those puppies that typify the breed standard. It is important to remember that the puppies do not know the difference and all of them are more than capable of loving and being loved.

Why does it appear that dogs from breeders are more expensive? Expenses associated with raising quality puppies are too numerous to mention for the scope of this article. Briefly though, expenses include, but are not limited, to: health clearances of breeding stock, conformation titles, obedience titles, other titles, maintaining kennels, education, vet care, registrations and stud fees. All of these things take money, but in the long run, it is you, the buyer, and the puppy who benefit from the diligence of your reputable breeder.

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